Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2018

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Cybersecurity is always a hot topic, particularly as organizations rely more and more on technology to manage large portions of their business. Like most areas of IT, trends in cybersecurity are fast paced and everchanging, particularly since new threats emerge nearly every day.

While you can’t control everything that happens with your systems, being on top of trends can help you position your company in the best way possible. With that in mind, here are a few to watch as we begin 2018:

A Focus on Data

Data plays a vital role in more industries today than ever before. With this shift comes a need for new priorities in cybersecurity, particularly in the areas of data analytics and data science. This means IT security professionals will need new skills, and solutions, such as artificial security intelligence.

Cloud Security

Now that cloud solutions have begun to mature, more businesses are using these systems to manage their IT challenges, increase accessibility and up their computing power. The high use of shared cloud environments can create additional risks, particularly as organizations have different priorities and demands. This has the potential to lead to vulnerabilities, making it necessary to carefully evaluate providers and develop robust guidelines.

Proactive Approaches

Even if your prevention and protection efforts are substantial, failing to focus on detection and response can lead to troubling outcomes. Ultimately, no system can stop every intrusion or threat. Having a plan to detect issues, respond accordingly and remediate the threat should be a top priority.

This may mean significant changes are needed in your security system, but the proper investment now can save you headaches later.

Migrating to DevSecOps

Development cannot exist in a bubble that doesn’t consider the security needs of applications. Instead of maintaining these activities in separate silos, working to bring development, operations and security together can yield stronger results, particularly in an environment where the time to market continues to shorten. Whether you marry these concepts internally or seek out service provider security options, it all depends on the precise makeup of your company, but failing to take action can quickly lead to problems.

Ecosystem Concerns

While technology has revamped many operations, it also presents opportunities for threats to compromise not only systems but also the environments and people around them. This makes security a greater concern, as the consequences of failing to maintain secure systems could be dire.

Ultimately, cybersecurity should always be at the top of any company’s priorities, particularly as technology continues to play a larger role in operations and the lives of nearly everyone.

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