Consultant Spotlight: Healthcare Learning and Development

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Many people think of contract to hire as a win-win, both a client and a consultant can try out a company before they fully commit to full-time employment. However, there is another view: it can be a great way to prepare a consultant to become a successful full-time employee. 


A large heath care organization brought on a Learning and Development consultant through Solving IT. The organization previously developed a training program, but needed consulting expertise in deployment to nurses across the state over a two year period. This led to a perfect window of opportunity for a management role.


Now hired as full time, she was in a new leadership role where she now created all training.  Knowing the old ways, she was able to take a step back and look at the training from a cost saving and efficiency perspective and started implementing changes right away.


Trying before buying wasn’t the whole situation in this case.  It was not a matter of our consultant making sure she liked the environment, it was because she was first a contractor and had different exposure and could be so successful in a management role after her time working as a Solving IT consultant.


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