The Competitive Advantages of the Cloud

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How important is it for your company to keep up with the newest technology and business trends? Are you worried there is a technology that could be potentially giving your competitors an advantage? If you and your business are not taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer, you would be correct. According to a recent survey of 527 Harvard Business Review readers, an astonishing 74% had a competitive advantage increase by implementing the cloud.

Luckily, Office 365 offers a simple and effective solution. Here at Solving IT, we recently went through an Office 365 implementation. I went in with very limited expectations of the value it would provide. I thought it would be a nice feature to provide access to documents and drives when employees work remotely.

I did not expect a significant increase in my overall productivity. The reason for the increase is the simplification of internal operations. Employees no longer have to reach out to another employee to find various documents they need to accomplish tasks. In the past, I would get an email request for a document, stop the project I am working on, spend a few minutes trying to figure out what exactly is needed, and then send them the correct documentation.

I admit, on the surface this does not seem that it will save you a lot of time. On average it probably took me only a few minutes to accomplish each request. However, it was not the time accomplishing the request that hurt my productivity, it was the time that was lost getting back into my rhythm of what I was working on before.

Some of you may not be convinced by a Harvard Business Review readers survey, or from my own experience, however this competitive technology really is of the utmost importance for you and your company, especially when it can provide a competitive advantage to your company over others.

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