Common Myths About RPO

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Many companies appreciate assistance when it comes to recruiting; however, some of the myths surrounding Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) leave some hesitant to pursue the service. Partnering with an RPO provider can be incredibly beneficial, both in the boost to efficiency as well as the ability to reduce recruitment costs. However, you have to look beyond the myths (good and bad) to be comfortable making the leap. To help you do just that, here are some common RPO misconceptions and the truth behind them.

RPO’s Are Only for Big Business

Some organizations assume only large enterprises can benefit from RPO when that simply is not the case. Small and medium-sized companies also see significant gains by choosing a reputable RPO partner, particularly since these providers can customize their approach based on the needs of each employer. Any business, big or small, can create a plan based on their unique situation, allowing them to reap all the benefits associated with outsourcing all or part of the recruitment process.

You’ll Lose Control Over Recruitment

Another fallacy is that an RPO will take over all your recruitment-oriented decisions, preventing you from controlling the program. However, the truth is you always maintain the same level of control as if you retained all your own hiring. You will continue to have the final say in all hiring decisions as well as identifying priorities.

RPO’s Are Expensive

In many cases, companies discover that working with an RPO provider can cost less than managing their own hiring. These providers focus solely on activities related to recruitment, and their level of efficiency and focus keep the costs of doing business with them lower than you might expect. Additionally, their knowledge of effective recruitment processes and trends mean they can achieve quicker results, which in turn leads to faster ROI.

You’ll Be Trapped in a Long-Term Contract

Some assume an RPO agreement always involves a long-term contract, but that simply is not the case. The duration of the arrangement is selected based on your needs, allowing you to choose a shorter timeframe.

Project RPO is a popular option, allowing you to engage with a partner without ongoing commitment. A reputable RPO should be flexible, taking your needs and goals into consideration every step of the way.

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