Solutions: Financial Analytics in Healthcare

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A leading healthcare insurer in need of a financial analytics resource with design, test, upgrade, and development experience sought a subject matter expert to grow within an increasingly technical and complex team.

Working within PeopleSoft Financials, this financial analyst position required knowledge of SQL and Visual Basic to work across various departments to manage business needs and turn them into implementations.

Throughout the duration of this project, multiple departments were required to correct data issues across various reporting structures. The overall time required to prepare monthly analysis shortened by 2 days almost immediately, ahead of the normal processing date. Data accuracy improved with over 40 adjustments eliminated that were previously skewing the results. The alignment to P&L keys and consistency in reporting have shortened the time to complete the P&L by over a week. This tremendous time savings helps shorten the close process, meet the API goal and improve customer satisfaction.

After a 5-month contract, Solving IT’s consultant was offered a full-time opportunity. Future growth of the position included a promotion and performance reward for successes as both a contractor and full-time employee.

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