Business Intelligence Trends You Need to Pay Attention To

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The last few years have seen organizations of all sizes make use of their data in new and exciting ways, allowing them to shape their actions through the use of business intelligence (BI) solutions instead of traditional reporting. Analytics have become part of the mainstream, giving companies the chance to shift and transform based on a thorough understanding of customer preferences and needs.

2017 is poised to see advances in the areas of self-service analytics, giving BI a chance to shine. If you want to know more about what the year has in store, here are some BI trends that deserve your attention today.

Collaborative Analytics

BI is embracing the idea that two heads are better than one. Collaborative analytics allow employees and analysts to engage with one another organically, giving them the ability to share data, consider new insights and review facts more easily. This allows the data to drive decision making more efficiently by combining the intelligence of professionals throughout the business within a single solution.

Simplified Data Prep

One area that has remained firmly in the hands of IT specialists is data prep. Often, the tasks associated with data parsing, HTML imports and similar duties were beyond the reach of standard users. However, new BI systems are easing the complexity, allowing more people to take part in data prep. Not only does this relieve some of the burden typically assigned to tech pros, but it also empowers other employees to manage their own data for use in the solution.

Level Playing Fields

Data is often classified based on its nature and complexity, segregating the concepts of big data from more humble sources like spreadsheets. However, BI is shifting in ways that allow all data to be seen as the same regardless of its size, source or form. That means information stored in any format can be used with greater ease regardless of how different the data seems on the surface.

Greater Integration

BI analytics are becoming part of standard operations, allowing employees to integrate it seamlessly into their usual workflow. As its reach expands, more workers will have the opportunity to explore how data can improve their work and yield better results. In fact, the use of data analytics may become so pervasive that individuals will stop noticing it is part of their experience, making it as natural as any other part of their duties and associated technical solutions.

Freeing IT

IT departments across the nation will begin shifting as well. Instead of being responsible for generating reports for others within the organization, they will be able to focus on enabling employees to access what they need on their own. Tech pros will focus on developments associated with agility; innovating instead of simply regurgitating information. This also allows businesses to refocus their IT priorities, concentrating on key areas like governance and data security instead of churning out reports.

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