Bring the Power of AI into Salesforce

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Is your sales team as productive as they could be? If they are spending most of their time on data entry or other non-sales tasks, as many sales reps do, they probably aren’t.

Luckily, advances in artificial intelligence are allowing sales professionals to focus more on customer acquisition and other activities that increase profitability. And, with the new features available in Salesforce, it couldn’t be easier to get started with AI.

If you are interested in bringing the power of AI into Salesforce, here’s what you need to know.

Sales Cloud Einstein

AI is recognized as a revolutionary force in the business world, and Einstein brings these capabilities directly into Salesforce.

The Einstein AI increases the productivity level of your team by handling many of the tedious tasks that used to fall into the hands of your sales reps. Instead of scouring data by hand, Einstein Lead Scoring helps your staff identify leads with the highest probability of being converted into customers, letting focus on those most likely to end in success.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring and Einstein Opportunity Insights allow your sales team to be proactive about tracking leads and identifying at-risk deals, giving them the ability to learn best practices based on previous wins. All of this increases efficiency, enabling your employees to accomplish more in less time.

Salesforce Inbox

Instead of having your staff enter information from their emails manually, Salesforce Inbox automates the processes associated with data capture. All of the details are logged in their proper place without any human intervention, and top priorities are identified by the system. This gives your team the power to stay on top of great opportunities without having to waste any time.

Sales Analytics

The built-in analytics on the updated dashboard allow users to see emerging trends and act accordingly. Additionally, more than 40 KPIs can be monitored from across the sales pipeline, making it easier for leadership to track the success of their employees, regardless of their region or product.

When used in conjunction, the three powerful features allow every sales team to do more in less time, providing them with actionable predictive insights and giving them an avenue to track sales activities from the point of lead identification through the sale being completed.

Everything is centralized in Salesforce for added convenience, ensuring your staff doesn’t have to flip between multiple systems to get the information they need. Plus, it’s easy to use, just like every other product Salesforce has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about Sales Cloud Einstein, which now includes Salesforce Inbox and Sales Analytics, the professionals at Solving IT can help you explore your options and the available benefits. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today and see how the new features in Salesforce can enable you to reach new levels of productivity and success with greater ease than ever before.