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Office 365: same familiarity, enhanced productivity.

Even with the increasing amount of alternatives entering the marketplace, Microsoft Office is still the most important office productivity suite for the simple reasons of familiarity and productivity. The majority of the people in the business world at some point have used Microsoft Office. The brilliance that is Microsoft Office is that even if you have not used it in years, it is very easy to switch back to it. This feeling of familiarity is why it is used almost universally worldwide.

The driving force on Microsoft Office’s popularity is productivity. The reason that companies and individuals like yourselves use Microsoft Office is because it is extremely productive. I come from an accounting and finance background, and I could not imagine doing the most basic accounting functions without Excel. It amazes me that before Excel, accountants would have to use the big green ledgers for most of their accounting responsibilities. Even comparable tools on the market lack the advanced functionality of Excel to achieve business tasks in today’s data-driven workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 is making the correct steps that it will be the most important office productivity suite of the future, with added features to accommodate a growing remote workforce. It will continue to grow upon the same strengths of familiarity and productivity, and keep up with growing trend of the use of the cloud. 365’s use of the cloud will take its productivity to a whole new level by enabling tools such as Microsoft Office Online and SharePoint team sites to manage workflows among teams and organizations of all sizes.

From a collaboration perspective, Office 365 will also empower global or long-distance teams to use document sharing. Two individuals can access a file in Microsoft and update the document together. This makes it possible for someone halfway across the world feel like they are sitting next to you, and from that perspective, the possibilities are endless.

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