Beware of Your Biggest Competitor in 2016

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Identifying your biggest competitor in 2016 has gotten easy, it’s your time. Now, what are you going to do about it? And – how can you leverage Salesforce to do so?

For most of us, budget and planning season has come and gone. As you finalize the numbers and begin to create a market strategy that will project your growth for the coming year, the fear starts to seep in as to how you will execute your plan. Keeping a clear, definitive focus has never been more challenging. Here are 3 action items that can improve your focus and help you manage your sales organization.

Managing meetings

As I pester my internal team with meeting invites, I began to wonder what impact this would have not only on their production, but more importantly – their sanity.  Is having this meeting crucial?  Make sure every internal meeting is run like a client meeting.  Have a purpose and tangible action items. The more discipline you have, the more whitespace you will be able to provide to your team.

Automate – Let Salesforce do the heavy lifting

Sales and marketing was once two separate departments, each having their specific role in an organization. Salesforce CRM helps you blend the two, creating depth in your strategy. Once you have identified your potential prospects and targets, define your unique message by automating everything you can.  It can be as simple as a newsletter, or as complex as how you differentiate individual markets.  Your customers will be better informed before they start the sales vetting process, and automation helps you set the pace.

CRM – Improving efficiencies in Salesforce

Using your CRM on a daily basis will help you stay organized, and will provide visibility into your current workflow. Many of my colleagues praise the usefulness and ease of SFDC.  Either on mobile or desktop, creating the behaviors of religiously inputting the right data can help shorten the sales cycle and increase your chances of becoming a true partner with your customers. It will also mitigate turnover and help with transition plans by having your latest correspondence as a reference point.

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