Why Automating Your Marketing With Pardot Will Help You Do More!

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Companies often rely on the efforts of their marketing team to keep business moving forward, but certain tasks associated with the work can be highly time-consuming. Even though every step in the process is important, not everything requires the direct attention of a marketing professional. And that’s where the marketing automation service provided in Pardot can help provide an effective solution while allowing your professionals to focus on other matters.

This approach can be particularly effective for companies with substantial databases of leads and a limited number of methods for managing the data. And this can apply to businesses of any size and from any sector.

Centralized Efforts

Pardot provides a central point for managing sales efforts, allowing your marketing team to function as a cohesive unit. All current marketing campaigns can be managed from a single platform, providing an easy-to-use interface for all associated activities.

This approach helps ensure your marketing team isn’t accidentally duplicating their efforts while simultaneously ensuring nothing gets missed.

Lead Engagement

When a lead enters the early stages of development, ensuring that lead is sufficiently nurtured is vital to bringing it to the next level. Pardot helps create automated engagement tracks that are personalized to the specific lead. This provides a method for ensuring leads at this stage are not mishandled, increasing the likelihood of converting the lead into a customer.

Email Marketing

Manage strong email marketing campaigns involves ideal timing. Pardot allows users to create professional emails based on provided templates or with a user-friendly visual editor. Then, they can be tested against spam filters and either distributed immediately or scheduled to send on a future date. This allows marketing professionals to create these messages at a time that is most convenient and then set them to send at the ideal time.

Real-Time Tracking

Pardot provides real-time tracking for prospect activity allowing the marketing team to receive alerts when certain actions are completed. This can help trigger appropriate follow-ups based on how the lead has responded to various forms of contact and can increase the likelihood of conversion based on increased responsiveness.

Advanced Reporting

Integrated reporting options in Pardot can help marketing professionals track the success ratios of various campaigns. This allows for changes based on results as they are reviewed, essentially allowing less effective campaigns to be removed from circulation and replaced with more effective options.

Ultimately, the addition of marketing automation can increase efficiency in numerous ways. It also allows marketing professionals to be more effective by allowing their efforts to be focused on actions that require intervention at that time while also providing opportunities to create materials in advance and schedule them for later delivery.

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