ASUG Wisconsin: Event Recap

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Last week, the Solving IT team participated in the ASUG Wisconsin Chapter meeting, which presented a heavy focus on continuous changes or improvements made in the SAP community. Standout sessions of the day included Powerful, Sexy & Mobile SAP Apps

Mobile SAP application transformation and development is on the rise, and for good reason. User mobility allows for much higher productivity. A number of major companies are using companies similar to Capriza (speaker) to mobilize their existing SAP applications. What’s more, this can be done in as quickly as 10 minutes without a single line of code (for simple SAP apps), despite the fact that customized SAP applications weren’t originally developed with the intention of being mobile friendly. Many SAP companies are using solution firms to make these transformations as easy and painless as possible.

SAP Security was another hot button topic during this quarter’s chapter meeting. SAP Security does not store data, which makes information extremely safe. Whether on the mobile or standard platform SAP Security keeps input data safe. For companies looking to implement an SAP solution, this is a huge value add, especially with increasing security risks across all types of technology in today’s world.

Coming up, Solving IT will be hosting an in-house session on HANA Insights, and later this quarter, we’ll be attending the ASUG Chicago Chapter Meeting. Follow along at or on twitter @Solving_IT