5 Tips on How to Incorporate AI into Your Business

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With Artificial Intelligence (AI) making headlines on a daily basis, many businesses are interested in bringing the technology into their workplace. However, with the number of integration options available it can be hard to determine where to begin.

Luckily, there are some things that can help nearly any business decide which AI path is best suited for them. Below are five tips on how you could be incorporating AI into your business.

1. Review Your Key Performance Indicators

Before you begin examining technologies, it is wise to review your key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine which areas could potentially benefit from AI. This gives you an initial starting point and areas of focus to help ensure you are not overwhelmed as you begin to seek out suitable solutions by eliminating those that don’t apply to your business.

2. Get Educated

If you have never used AI before, you may not have a full understanding of what it can and cannot do. It is wise to invest in introductory education to help you understand the capabilities. This doesn’t mean you need to become an expert in AI. Instead, focus on understanding what the technology can do for you and how it aligns with your KPIs and business objectives. This will increase the likelihood that your expectations will align with reality and improve your overall knowledge on the technology.

3. Leverage Existing Platforms

Only a few years ago AI platforms were largely inaccessible to the masses due to their cost. That isn’t necessarily the case now, so you are able to examine the widely available options to determine if one suits your needs. However, in some cases you may already have systems with AI features that you are not utilizing. If that is the case, consider first leveraging those first, as the investment has already been made.

4. Identify Internal Capacity Gaps

When looking to bring in new AI systems, you must ensure that you have the internal capacity to handle them. This includes the need to examine processes, technical capabilities and your current technological resources. Otherwise, you may select an option that cannot be reasonably implemented, which could harm your ability to move forward from it.

5. Secure the Right Talent

Last, but certainly not least, it is crucial that you secure the right talent if you want your AI objectives to reach a point of fruition. You need to be prepared to invest in hiring and retaining the best professionals available, especially if no current member of your staff has experience in the field.

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