5 Reasons Your IT Team Makes Your Whole Business Better

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Since computers entered the workplace, IT professionals have been critical to business operations. But your tech-oriented employees provide more than just support for the end-users in your company. IT departments help develop new processes and solutions, streamline complex functions and increase cost-efficiency and profitability.

Before you take your IT team for granted, here are five reasons they make your whole business better.

1. Custom Software Development

Application and software developers create custom solutions designed solely for your business and its unique needs. While certain off-the-shelf solutions provide reasonable offerings, the ability to design applications that connect various departments and streamline operations is worth more than you may realize.

Additionally, a custom solution may not be any more expensive than those offered by larger technology firms. And supporting the software costs you no more than the salary of those you choose to employ. It also eliminates costs associated with maintaining product licenses.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning

Improving business processes is a common goal of IT departments in every industry. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is often complex to implement but allows data to be accessed from a single point. A single ERP implementation can replace multiple legacy systems, including those dedicated to human resources, finance, sales and operational metrics. Overall, your internal processes will be more cost-effective while also increasing productivity.

3. IT Security

IT security professionals provide a vital service to your business. They help ensure data integrity, prevent breaches and ensure that internal resources remain within the confines of your business. Without proper security, information can be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Once accessed, the data may be distributed to other organizations without your consent, used for personal gain or even damaged.

If you want to prevent employees from accessing certain websites through their corporate computers, you also rely on IT security to make that happen. They often bear the brunt of the frustration for the blocks put in place, even if the purpose is to prevent employees from accessing questionable material or spending the day managing their fantasy sports team.

4. Big Data Analytics

Big data is all the rage in the business world. The ability to analyze information from multiple sources for a singular purpose allows you to create more effective marketing campaigns, improve product designs and keep customers engaged and buying. Without the data scientists and analysts who can take this mix of information sources to answer a specific question, your business may be missing out on opportunities to improve sales.

5. Communication and Collaboration

All of the communication and collaboration tools that allow your business to function are supported by IT professionals. Whether it is maintaining a functional voice and data network, troubleshooting IM programs, filtering out spam email or providing web-based conferencing solutions, your business would not be able to communicate as seamlessly without the technical professionals who keep those services up and operational.

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