4 Quick Tips on Why You Should Invest in Sales Technology

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When it comes to investing in technology, many companies prioritize automation of business functions such as payroll, bookkeeping, lead generation, and even marketing before they consider addressing the sales team. This is often because sales can be associated with the work of individuals ‘creating the magic sale’.

Typically, when sales are increasing, organizations decide that the best approach is to increase the size of their sales staff. Such an approach can be costly, especially when you consider the expenses associated with hiring and training.

Instead of hiring more staff, choosing to invest in technology allows your current sales professionals to operate with greater efficiency and new hires to hit the ground running with greater ease. Below are four reasons why you should consider turning to technology to improve your sales function.

1. Eliminate Cumbersome Onboarding

When you hire staff, you need to take all the necessary steps to get them to a place of sustainable productivity. Often, the process is relatively slow based on the significant amount of training required.

By turning to sales technology, you can streamline the onboarding process and make it simpler. This will allow new employees to begin participating in sales more quickly. Many tech solutions include training modules and interactive tools designed to shorten the learning curve, allowing them to reach full productivity in a much shorter time frame rather than through traditional teaching methods.

2. Improved Content Management

CRM systems can help you consolidate information for marketing purposes. This will increase the accessibility of crucial content, ensuring no one on your sales team is wasting time searching for just the right document. Additionally, technology can determine which content is most effective in specific situations, ensuring your sales team can deliver the best option with increased efficiency.

3. Build Value With Ease

Many sales professionals feel ill-prepared before contacting a prospect, making it difficult to craft a compelling case as to why the potential customer should work with them. Often, this leads to defaulting to price as a primary selling point, which isn’t always ideal.

Sales technologies can provide virtual coaching combined with effective materials designed to increase seller confidence. In turn, they can sell based on their higher level of knowledge and improved skills, making it easier to be productive.

4. Increase Market Share

Having the ability to align sales and marketing activities can lead to significant business growth, which CRM systems can facilitate. This ensures everyone is operating with the same goals and makes it easier to learn from any feedback received. It also provides sales professionals access to marketing messages that can make them more effective, which allows them to be more efficient in their roles.

In the end, having the right sales technology empowers your team while simultaneously giving you access to comprehensive tools designed to improve every part of the process. If you’re interested in learning more about sales technologies, the knowledgeable professionals at Solving IT can help identify your ideal solution. Contact us to speak with one of your skilled staff members today.