3 Problems IT Teams Face When Looking for Top Talent

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Hiring is one of the biggest concerns businesses have today, especially when it comes to finding top talent for IT positions. As more companies require tech workers to support their operations, competition for the best and brightest is reaching unprecedented levels. Add to that the relative scarcity of certain skill sets and the need to find employees that fit into your current culture, and it can feel as though the hiring challenges are insurmountable.

Here are three of the biggest problems IT Teams face when looking for top talent as well as what you can do to secure the candidates you need.

1) Specific Skills Needed

IT is a vast field, including a variety of skill sets and specialties that aren’t necessarily interchangeable. You can’t necessarily hire a mobile application developer to perform the work of a data engineer, or a cybersecurity professional to improve a user interface. Additionally, each area requires a notable amount of education or training, making it difficult to take one IT worker and simply transition them to another, unrelated area.

Often, companies need workers who can perform particular functions within the organization, and that means the skills required are highly specific. When those skill sets are inaccessible, it can put major projects on hold or significantly impact the timeline in a negative way.

2) Talent Shortage

Unemployment amongst tech professionals continues to sit well below the average. That means companies are having to compete more fiercely to secure the employees they need. To attract candidates with highly desirable skills, such as those focused on software development or data analytics, businesses are having to reach deep into their pocketbooks to stay competitive while also investing more into recruitment and retention.

Low unemployment is unlikely to change anytime soon. The number of skilled individuals entering the workforce isn’t nearly enough to fill the anticipated number of vacancies over the next decade, suggesting that this is a problem that may be here to stay.

3) Differences between Workplaces

Even when you find a candidate with the right skills, that doesn’t mean they are the right person for the job. Each workplace has a unique culture, and not every top candidate is going to meld with the current construct. In some cases, companies decide to go forward with the hire even if it appears their personality of workstyle might not be the right fit. However, placing a worker in an ideal environment that contradicts what they need can lead to subpar performances and ultimately having to begin the search all over again.

There Are Solutions

While the challenges outlined above may make the hiring climate seem particularly hostile, there are solutions you can begin using today to fill vacancies and get work done. Many workers qualifying as top talent as flexible regarding how they work with area businesses. Contract workers are open to coming on board for specific projects, allowing them to use their talents to their fullest and then move on once everything is in place. This gives companies access to highly skilled individuals right when they need them without having to commit to a long-term hire.

Additionally, 74 percent of contract employees are also open to long-term work, giving you both a chance to discover if the placement is a good fit before formalizing the employer/employee relationship. This can answer questions about cultural fit as well as whether their skills match the position before you choose to bring them onto your payroll.

Finally, many IT professionals today are open to changing jobs for the right opportunity. This means gaining access to passive candidates can be a key to finding the professionals you need. If you offer compensation and benefits in line with the priorities of top talents, such as salary, career development opportunities, and challenges, you can tap into this pool of potential candidates who aren’t actively seeking new work.

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