Information Technology Consulting Chicago

Being avid tech lovers, combining our recruiting skills and passion was inevitable.

On a warm and sunny Chicago day in 1992, Solving IT opened its doors and set to business. The goal was simple: create the most respected specialist technology solutions and recruitment company, bar none.

Over the years, we have built an outstanding community of talent in the markets in which we operate, supporting and connecting the industry we love. It still feels like we are at the beginning of our journey, but most importantly we are constantly having fun.

Solving IT takes the time to get to know our clients and fully understand their needs – We Listen. We Deliver.

We do not seek to be all things to all people. We are an expert technology solutions and recruitment partner that focuses on niche markets and differentiate ourselves by being true experts with a demonstrable track record of success. We’re Chicago’s most trusted information technology consulting partner.

Our values are deeply embedded within our culture which puts our clients and their needs at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated exclusively to selected technologies, skills and industry sectors in which we operate and have an unrivaled reputation for delighting our clients consistently. This authoritative grasp of your sector and our deep network accelerates our speed of delivery for you.

A service delivered by reliable people with life experience, seasoned business knowledge and the human touch – professional people with whom you can have mature and sensible conversations. We are easy to do business with and never want to give you a reason to go elsewhere.


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